Welcome to Kendell's Korner

I hope you find out flavors enticing and delicious.  After almost a year of the choice of Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate shakes, I found these delicious flavors that can be used in any drink to livening things up.  During this period, I lost about 71 lbs.  I am continuing the program but this time I am sharing flavor offerings with you.

Instead of boring Vanilla, how about any one of the following:

  1. Toasted Cinnamon Cereal Flavor
  2. Fruity O Cereal Flavor
  3. Pirate Crunch Cereal Flavor
  4. Apple Snacks Flavor
  5. Cream and Cookie Flavor
  6. R & B Float Flavor
  7. Brownie Dream Flavor
  8. Carmel Flavor
  9. and don't forget Campfire Smore




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