F-Protein Meals Rotini Noodles 30g Protein

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Made with Lupin Flour
Only 3 Ingredients

7 net carbs (per serving)
• 21g of fiber (per serving)
30g of protein (per serving)

Dairy-Free | Preservative-Free | Soy-Free | Semolina-Free | No Durum Flour

Ingredients: Wheat Protein, Lupine Flour, and Oat Fibers


Regular spaghettis or like noodles taste great but it is a bad food

with 27g of carb and relatively no protein 

These noodles go great with Keto type made sauces:  Red sauce, cheese sauce and stroganoff. 

 Don't over cook.  I bring water to boil and do a cook 7 minutes.  Prepare the sauce separately and fold sauce into noodles after draining. 

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