Kendell's Korner

Kendell's Corner started in October of 2020 as a place to be able to have protein low sugar foods for friends and family.  After losing 90 pounds myself and having my wife being diagnosed as a pre-diabetic, we active searched for Keto style products that satisfy snack craving without all the refined sugar.

 We have tried all food and snack products on Kendell's Korner for quality and taste.  All products are stocked at our location near Windsor, Colorado for easy and quick shipment.

We have a private brand of thick 15g/100 Calorie protein shakes available in vanilla and Chocolate.   You can expand these flavor by adding a bit of our 40+ drink flavorings.  Some of my favorites are the Chocolate Shake with Creamy Cookie or Smore Flavoring.  The Vanilla Shake  with Eggnog or  any of the Fruit flavorings are great too.

In addition, we have a good collection of sweet and savory style protein snacks that you can buy à la carte.

We're glad that you found us, and hope you’ll enjoy our products as we do!


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