1.    What is special about these Flavorings?
 These flavors x4 in strength, all natural and no sweetener.  You can add flavoring to your tastes and add sweetener of your choice.

2.    How much do I use?

Try a 1/2 tsp (2.5 ml) per 8 oz liquid.  Adjust next amount to taste.

3.    How many servings can I make?

About 6 servings can be made when using normal strength suggestions.

4.   How do I measure the flavoring?

An eyedropper can be used or our flavor pipette.  One pipette is send with order of flavors.  Extras can be ordered from the website.

5.   Can the flavors be used for anything else?

Yes, the flavorings can be used for any food/drink.  They are not to be used for any form of vaping.